“Information. What are they looking at?”

Exposé Film for my documentary “Information. What are they looking at?” on the effects of privacy violations on individuals and societies. It showcases the threats created by the appalling misuse of modern technology in an ideological fight legitimized by the false dichotomy of freedom vs. security.

Our barrier-free documentary takes an inclusive approach to communicating knowledge around privacy violations through mass surveillance by governments and corporations. Addressing a diverse audience we prioritise shifting the representational power of discourse dominating white men towards the expertise of women* and people of colour in an analytical documentary which addresses how mass surveillance is mutilating our human rights. We follow the narratives of several specialists whose personal background and vocational qualifications are entwined with the history of surveillance and the fight for freedom and security. They lead us into a disturbing story on how our daily lives are pushed towards complete governmental and corporate oversight from which opting out is almost impossible. Through compelling examples the audience will learn what is at stake when our personal data is used to dehumanise us. And that surveillance can be both: the governmental norm and a corporate business model.

For further information please go to: http://www.information-doc.org