„The American Dream“ – the epitome of the hope that everybody can achieve everything by hard work and passion. Is this hope floating above the U.S. like a myth? Or maybe more like the sword of Damocles?

„Dreams & Pieces“ is taking the audience to a 8.000 miles journey from Chicago to Houston and from San Francisco to Washington D.C., a journey trough living rooms, kitchens, Bars and over roads. Experiences with racism and the personal life of the protagonists are in focus. The imagination of „the land of unlimited opportunities“ gets suddenly confined through day-to-day racism, economical developments, forgotten areas. It lets us hear the words of young people who benefit from the achievements of their former generations but are also deeply rooted in a totally different living experience.

I shot the film in 2012/13 but re-edited it after the election of Donald Trump as president of the US as it became apparent that this is a topic which continues to be important.

THERESIA REINHOLD Director, Camera-Operator, Editor, Interviewer

Short Documentary on a political art performance in Berlin 2015 to fight against the „Bill for the Protection of Sexworkers“ introduced by the German government that year.

The shortfilm premiered at the „Pornfilmfestival Berlin“ 2015.

THERESIA REINHOLD Director, Camera-Operator, Editor

Es geht um Porno, um Dokumentarfilme, um Frauen hinter und vor der Kamera, und um anderes in den Interviews mit Manuela Kay, Maike Brochaus, Maria Bala und Thomas Reider.

THERESIA REINHOLD Director, Camera-Operator, Editor, Interviewer

„Eine Stadt, eine Frage“ ist der Sonderbeitrag der Medienwerkstatt des XXI. Greizer Theaterherbstes – dem größten soziokulturellen Theaterfestival Thüringens. Unter der Leitung von iOver erfüllte die Medienwerkstatt, gemeinsam mit professionellen und nicht professionellen Teilhabern, ein breites Arbeitsspektrum. Unter anderen Festivalbeiträgen führte sie das Online-Theaterjournal: http://echohochzwei.de/ Dort sind alle netzfähigen Beiträge der Werkstatt dauerhaft gesammelt.

LUCIAN PATERMANN & MARTIN WERNER Concept, Production, Interviews
THERESIA REINHOLD  Camera-Operator, Editor
MANDY UNGER Camera-Operator